China Investment Law

General legal advising business:
Consultation and advice on common legal issues enterprises face;
Give recommendations and norms for enterprise rules and regulations, improve the corporate management system;
To attend major corporate meetings, to provide legal advice, external issuance of lawyer’s letter;
To introduce and promoted new promulgated national and local laws and regulations closely related to the enterprises;
Legal knowledge training for enterprise employees;
Other daily legal business.
Special legal advising business:
Litigation, arbitration, mediation, reconciliation
Help enterprises to set up restructuring, merger and division, asset restructuring, liquidation write - off;
Enterprise capital increase, share transfer, financing listing;
Enterprise major investment project design, negotiation, commercial contract drafting, review, filing;
International trade, insurance trust, maritime commerce and maritime affairs, transnational investment, international transportation, international technology transfer
Loan, mortgage, pledge, financing, leasing
Enterprise trademark, patent application, registration, transfer and copyright registration, filing business;
Real estate development, land acquisition and demolition compensation, land use right transfer, real estate trading, mortgage, lease, mortgage, property registration transfer;
Enterprise business, tax, customs registration, registration and approval;
Other special legal business commissioned by the business.